Thursday, 17 September 2009

So I was wrong about Renault and TeamFlavio for 2010

....but who wasn't.

I was convinced it would be Renault that would go, not Flavio and Pat.

I wrote a comment on a previous post saying that Renault would sell up (to Flavio) because the negative PR from this would damage the brand
(which being in F1 really doesn't make their road-cars any more desirable) can concentrate on their Formula Renault series around the world instead.

Now, it seems Renault have outlasted F1 stalwart Flavio. Which, if we're all honest, we never saw coming.

But what's in it for Renault? Their name will be associated with a very dangerous incident where winning comes higher than safety. Considering Renault have strived for top marks from the EURO-NCAP safety tests for their road cars, I can't see how the two go together. In PR terms, this is the worst outcome surely?

What happens next with the FIA will interesting but it's strange to think back to Australia when we had Flavio, Pat & Ron (Dennis) all still on the Pit wall

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