Thursday, 17 September 2009

Oh yes, Kolo

It's been an eventful time for my beloved A2 and sadly it's not been good.

Where to start? Well, since the major work, Kolo's been running well. Some of it would be to do with how light my wallet was and Kolo returned better MPG than before.

Then the dream (er, dream?) started to fade. SL used the A2 to do a First Aid duty as it was a distance away and came back reporting the indicators were not working. One flash and then nothing. Great I thought, wonder how much this'll cost as I found all fuses were OK.

AforAudi's Andy said it was a common fault and was a simple relay but being an A2 it wasn't in a simple place and the stereo would need to come out. Fine I thought, shouldn't be that difficult, couple of Stereo keys, job done.

Well, as I was a regular now, they tried to fit me in early, which I thought was good of them. But in the end it turned out to be anything but a blessing. Picked up Kolo 4 hours later than they hoped (still a week earlier than if they hadn't tried to fit me in) and I drove off £77 lighter. A couple of minutes down the road, I went from radio to the inbuilt CD-changer and....

Error 3. Oh F**k off I thought to myself. I was having a terrible day, we were running hours late and we still had to leave Glasgow for a trip. I turned around using the perfectly working indicators and spoke to Andy. He was busy and it was 5.30 on a Friday but we strangely worked on fixing it together. Sadly after an hour and a half of trying and 6 damaged CDs later, Error 3 was still flashing. Both our hands had cuts and the Climate control unit had been scratched (my OCD was working overtime now) and it was really turning out to be a mother of all days for me and not a good one for AforAudi or Kolo, or in fact SL who was having to pack for myself and control the Milly Moo. The Milly Moo is our baby kitten we have just, err, bought/born/delivered, oh, got.

Oh Error 3. Anyway a new Symphony2 CD-changer, Tape and FM/AM radio head unit is between £390 and £450 from various Audi-dealerships.

So I have to ask myself, how much is it worth, to listen to my music?

(There are options, eBay have a number of Symphony2's (£150 without any kind of warranty) but only one or two are for A2's thanks to Audi's varying dashboard designs. I could listen to my iPod though the Tape adaptor but my iPod touch is on the fritz and the sound isn't that great anyway.)

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