Thursday, 22 October 2009

Shell and Evo/AutoExpress

The fuel refiner/research and developement company have teamed up with Evo magazine and it's sister publication; AutoExpress to offer my dream job; Motor Journalist and Test Driver.

Lets hope they pay for my insurance too.

As part of my entry, drove up and then back down with a tank of V-Power diesel. I go for a drive on this route a number of times and have mentioned the longer version in previous posts.

This time, with the premium quality fuel, it was a better, cleaner, more progressive run up the switchbacks. And a smoother, more refined descent town to the Promenade.

It's worth the extra £1.94 to fill up when there's a road to be enjoyed but even on motorway runs, the range on one tank goes up from sub 300 miles to over 310. So the initial extra cost at the pumps is not the true value, longer between fill ups, better drive and the hidden benefit: a better maintained engine.

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