Thursday, 11 June 2009

The BEST 2 car garage*

*in my opinion. Well, of course it's my opinion, it's my blog. hmm, moving swiftly on...

The garage

Audi A2 SE (Kolo)
2001|51, 1.4 diesel, was 75 bhp but now 109bhp, factory options: rear 3 seat bench, OpenSky full length sunroof, full black leather seating, climate control, 6CD in dash stereo. Other bits glued on: the stealth chip to up the power and those really sexy Audi-Allroad alloy wheels.
Ford SportKa SE (SouferKa)
2004|54, 1.6 petrol, 89bhp. Completely standard bar the unique factory paint job: dark flat blue.

After reading all the options Kolo has, you'll be fooled into thinking SouferKa is like sitting an empty shell but it's far from it. All the things Kolo has except the flash glass roof, SouferKa has, well she's 5 CDs short but you get what I mean. This, if anything highlights the contrasting sales philosophy and prospects of the two carmakers, Ford: generous yet on the verge of death. Audi: super-rich funded by the normal German idea of, you buy the house but you'll also have to buy the furnishings.

Returning to why the 2 cars are a perfect foil for each other. Driving is more than just a means of moving about the place for both myself and S L Bartlett. We enjoy driving, we do it to unwind, we do it for fun, we do it for the experience. All that is very well but it's also a means of moving about. Driving, then, is two very different acts; the fun and the functional. Did you see what I did there, anyway. Although not mutually exclusive, a drive generally falls into one category or the other. So is the solution, our solution, two cars with two very different characters.

So, which one is which. Who's the commuter and who's the weekend Harley?

By now, you've probably attached the labels, writing on them with pen. Is that a mistake. Yes it was. Don't worry, just use your nails to peel them off and wait to make your move...

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